Thailand Music and Arts Organization (TMAO)

Thailand Music and Arts Organization (TMAO)

In the past few years, we have curated several new music events, including concerts, workshops, and masterclasses for young musicians in Thailand, and also concerts in Europe. Last year, we established the Thailand Music and Art Organisation (2016) – its aim is to create and promote contemporary music and art internationally. It also supports Thai musicians and young artists, enabling them to collaborate with international artists and take part in music festivals. Past events include the TMAO Music Day: Saxophone and Composition Workshop 2017 at College of Music Mahidol University, Thailand, public concerts in the Royal Academy of Music (UK), Royal College of Music (UK), Saint Mary-at-Hill Church (UK), and GUNST, WAT ’N KUNST concert avenue in Den Haag (NL), from March – June 2017, Diffused Portrait Concert at St. Cyprian Church, London 2016, TMAO music lecture in Bangkok December/January 2018-19 and the upcoming project is “Beyond the Boundaries”, Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2019 in June at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center.


Thailand Music and Art Organisation (TMAO) 2017 Accomplishments

Inflexio Duo Collaborations (Guillermo Presa, Sara Méndez)

Concert 1: St. Marry Abbots Church, London, UK, March 9, 2017
Concert 2: Royal Academy of Music, London, UK, March 10, 2017
Workshop and Concert 1: Assumption College, Bangkok, Thailand April 20, 2017
Workshop and Concert 2: Rajchaphat Bansomdej Chaophraya University, Bangkok, Thailand, April 24, 2017
Workshop and Concert 3: College of Music, Mahidol University, Salaya, Thailand, April 25, 2017

A Diffused Portrait: Six compositions for saxophones with electronics
Concert 1: Gunst N Wat Kunst, Den Haag, Netherlands, June 18, 2017
Concert 2: St. Cyprian Church, London, UK, June 20, 2017
performed by Pisol Manachinapisit, Thitipol Piseskul

supported by Royal Thai Embassy London, The Anglo-Thai Society, Office of Educational Affairs Royal Thai Embassy (OEA-UK), and Bee Constable